Its finally here...THE ROYAL RUMBLE! We started this match in 2015, and we are finishing this in 2017! 2 years in the making! This took a long time to make, so I hope you enjoy! The quality in the beginning isn't very good, but it won't last long. The video will eventually get good quality. The beginning of the match is back when Seth Rollins is heal so ignore that. The end of the match it AMAZING so watch till the end! *WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO TRY WHAT WE DO + NO ONE WAS AT RISK IN THE MAKING OF THE VIDEO* Credits -------------------- Kyle Davenport - Randy Orton, Cesaro, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan. Jacob Baker - RVD, Jeff Hardy, Zack Ryder. Gabe Stein - Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio. Brian Baker - Christian Mohammed - Kofi Kingston Halen Dresser - Chris Jericho Chuck Stein - Brock Lesnar Belson - John Cena Chaz Stein - Script Writer, Director, Filmer, Editor, Announcer, Publisher, Producer, Actor ; Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Edge, Cm Punk, Enzo Amore, The Miz, Xavier Woods, Paul Heyman, Triple H. If you're reading this your awesome!


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