INFO (OPEN ME) Tour video : Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: ____________ Cost: 980K-1M+ ( Depending on detail amount of landscaping) 6Bedroom,6Bathroom.secret place*3 Backyard and fronyard are very simple, no too much designs, because this plot data is already 98%. If with out fronyard & backyard (only house) cost around 980K. ( I put a lot Large Stepping Stone & Tree for landscaping outdoor ) Color and change texture also needs cost some extra. Suggest budget around the cost of builds 130% ( If this builds final value 100K , budget around 130K ) Just a rough estimate. Unless you don't change any color and texture. When i building it, I just imagine living in this age-old house in this age. So it's old but renovation , more functions good to living in now. English not my first language, I am bad at explanations. I tried my best to add more explanation step to you guys. If i spelling errors , ya'll can correct me :D ____________ GamePass Used: Multiple Flooring /Advanced Placement No Large Plot / No Basements ____________ Roblox UserName: DaftPunk_7 My Groups: Feel free to join my groups! My Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: More photos of my old builds: ____________ Credit: 1.Relaxed Side Table for stairs desings by @GatheringSanity 2.I was saw this beds designs tips by @Bloxburg_Homes on Twitter.(Used elegant chairs do the headboard and chiars) ________ Decals ID : Lost decals in video : 4765860229 ( Mirrors ) Lost decals in video : 4388973502 ( in the 0:35 A-7 Horse) ↑ I forgot put this one decal in the video. 4553104378 4553121184 4553109994 4553113029 4388876388 4388870924 4553114601 4553119195 4553123042 4553125071 4553129400 4553131282 4553133326 4553135495 4460061203 4765902046 4388861880 3845679945 4766138997 4552095385 4765855942 4765861870 4765865742 3695691938 4765856829 4766012126 4389843276 4765772585 4765777410 4765779760 4765739793 4765776726 4765778890 4366011056 4389031363 4388973502 4460063785 4460062578 2603299128 2603299698 4765906167 4765908363 4765909804 4765912329 4765919600 4765921435 4765922562 4765923806 4460059084 4714688088 2603294032 4765994718 4460053340 4460054091 2603294695 ________ Feel free to take inspiration :D If you want to change this video speed also you can go setting. In the corner there are video settings, you can setting it 1.25+(more fast) or 0.75- (slowy) Thanks watching ,if you like my video don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to me ,open notification bell make sure don't miss my next videos! Hope you enjoy this video and have a nice day! :D Those pics are found on website , just for decals in bloxburg, pics of decals not my own creation , I do not own any musics sound in the video, credits to the original creator. Please advise to remove immediately if any infringement caused. 遊戲中所用圖片與影片使用音樂之創作權非本人所有,如有侵權請告知將立即移除。 侵害れている場合 知らせるください 私はすぐに削除されます ROBLOX |Bloxburg | GameLink: #Bloxburg #Welcometobloxburg #Roblox



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