#twinshadow #caer #littlewoman Little Woman the new song from the upcoming album Caer coming April 27,2018 Stream or download Little Woman here: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Listen to the new single Saturdays (feat. Haim) here: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Director: Twin Shadow and Aaron Hymes Producer: Alexandra Thurmond Art Director: Vlad Sepetov Photography: Alex Cabral Set Design: David Browne Stylist: Samantha Rhodes Jewelry: Nikolai Rose Connect with Twin Shadow: Facebook: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Twitter: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Instagram: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Website: https://TwinShadow.lnk.to/LW Little Woman is it me Born to build your suffering Are you crazy Just like me To let me close, to let me be The one Loves a gun Loves a gun Pretty baby Let me know How to touch you Where to go With my fingers With my tongue With my anger Loves a gun Loves a gun Little woman You should know You're the river Shines like Chrome Love is loud Love is long Love is patient Love's a song

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