Hey Y'all! I filmed this bullet journal video before I moved the family to our little house. I intended to get it out sooner but with renovating this older home and unpacking all. the. things. it's been harder for me to find a rhythm. BUT! It's here now and I hope the folks who asked me to make this video are still around to see it. ;) Thanks so much for your love! I will have a list of items I share in the video, down below. Have a beautiful day!!! xoxo Chic Sparrow Deluxe B6Slim Madrid: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Chic Sparrow A6 E-Class in Eastwood: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Chic Sparrow Simple Workbooks: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid If they don't have your size... Tomoe River Dot Grid Notebooks: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid 'Joy Journey' Stamp - (Follow the shop for notification of my restock): https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Stabilo Fineline Markers: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Favorite Black pens for BUJO: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Little Ruler: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Mildliner Highlighters (this is the same set I have): https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Cute Milk carton pencil pouch: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Visit the Etsy shop for original art and journal goodies: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Check out my latest happenings on Instagram: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid Check out my Journal Bundles on the website: Webbie: https://chicsparrow.com/collections/hemingway/products/hemingway-deluxe-madrid HAPPY MAIL: PO BOX 2725 Universal City, TX 78148 *Per compliance with FTC guidelines, I'm supposed to let y'all know that some of the links I post here are Amazon Affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission on those items at no additional cost to you. I have not been paid to refer these items, but they are just things that I use and love and y'all ask me for anyway. :) This program along with ads on my videos and the generous support of my patrons allows me to continue providing free videos to you here on YouTube.*

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