Wondering how to shade and where to start? In this video I narrowed down three very useful shading tips that serve as a basis to shading techniques! I walk you guys through some examples and tutorials to show how my favorite essential basics when it comes to shading. These tips are great for all levels so feel free to try them out. You can also apply these tips to more complex drawings. Shading basic forms is super satisfying and are great practice whether you are a beginner or advanced. If you happen to try any of the exercises or tips I mention, tag me on instagram - I'd love to see what you guys create. If you found it helpful, be sure to leave a like, subscribe and checkout my other videos that you may find useful! These are even great to try in your sketchbook and can add to ways to fill a sketchbook as well. I hope you guys are staying creative and keeping positive! Sending love and light your way. -Jess ________________________________________ M A T E R I A L S ‣ Favorite Art Supplies: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ________________________________________ S H O P S / S U P P O R T 💫 instagram: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 🔴 patreon: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 🎨 website: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ✨ online shop: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 🛍️ Amazon essentials: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 📚 art books: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 🖌️ art supplies: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ________________________________________ V I D E O L I N K S ‣ Sketchbook Tours: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ‣ Favorite Art Supplies: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ‣ 5 Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook + TIPS!: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ‣ Art Books + Inspirations to Fill Your Sketchbook: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ‣ 100 Heads Challenge: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ‣ 100 Hands Challenge: https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ________________________________________ S O C I A L S 📸 instagram - https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA 🐦 twitter - https://youtu.be/0evJ82qDWNA ✉️ business email: [email protected] * Some links provided are affiliate links but they have no effect on prices or reviews! *

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