Sony RX100 VI Video Setup. A step by step guide on how to go through the Sony RX100 VI menu system to optimize it for video. Check out Video notes 2:13- Video file formats Camera menu 2 page 1 XAVC S 4K @ 24p 100M for live action XAVC S HD @ 120P 100M for slow motion B-roll 3:52- Memory Settings See how to configure you memory settings like this here: 5:33- HFR Camera menu 2 page 1 5:48- Audio recording Camera menu 2 page 3 6:22- Movie Shutter Camera menu 2 page 4 6:31- Zoom Speed Camera menu 2 page 6 7:17- Disp button Camera menu 2 page 7 7:23- Zebra Settings Camera menu 2 page 7 7:52- Grid Lines Camera menu 2 page 7 8:13- Custom Keys Setup Camera menu 2 page 9 8:40- Control ring setup. Mine is on Zoom 8:58- C Button (trash button) setup. ISO 9:53- Center button setup. Focus Area 10:18- Left button setup. Picture Profile 11:50- DISP button. On screen displays 12:19- Bottom button setup. Shutter speed and Aperture 12:41- Right button setup. Gamma display assist 13:55- Monitor brightness Camera menu 5 page 1 Let me know how you have your camera set up #sonyrx100settings #sonyrx100 #sonyrx100vi #sonyaplha #sony

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