At All Turtles, we build AI products, which means we needed a process for deciding which products to build. We came up with a system for classifying the types of products people pitch us so that we can quickly understand and communicate to each other what we see as opportunities and potential failure points. This classification system is our product taxonomy, and it’s something any product creator or evaluator can apply to their work. For more podcast episodes, check out SHOW NOTES Taxonomy discussion with Phil Libin and Jessica Collier (0:48) 1. Flying Shoe — Whoa, is it possible?! Failure modalities: a. DaVinci — Can be imagined, but it can’t be built b. Jetpack — Doesn’t deliver on its promise c. H.W. Bush — Already exists and we just didn’t know about it 2. Costner — Totally possible! But if you build it, will they come? Failure modalities: a. Waterworld — Too long to get to market and costs too much money b. Golf — Boring and we don’t care (e.g. ad tech use case) c. New Coke — There’s already a better version of this d. Timeshare — No plausible exit or sustainable financial path forward e. Segway — People don’t actually want it 3. Play-Doh— What is it? How will it work? What’s the experience like? Failure modalities: a. No particular failure modalities, but the product idea must become a Flying Shoe or a Costner to continue We want to hear from you. Please send us your comments, suggested topics, and listener questions for future All Turtles Podcast episodes. Voicemail: +1 (310) 571-8448 Email: Twitter: @allturtlesco For more on All Turtles, visit