Everyone has a ringtone. Whether you like it or not its a constant reminder of a notification, a call, or that meeting you need to get to on time. Sometimes I hear them and I just feel like dancing to be honest. So I decided why not make them all danceable and beatbox over them? Lets put some fun into our alarms! Please like, subscribe and let me know which is your favorite ringtone I beatboxed over! All of these beats (outside of the ringtone) are produced live with my vocals and just my vocals. Here is a list of all the ringtones that I used to make beats out of: Sound Effects: 1 - Opening 2 - Silk 3 - Slow Rise 4 - Alarm 5 - By The Seaside 6 - Night Owl 7 - Sencha 8 - Circuit 9 - Playtime 10 - Radiate 11 - Constellation 12 - Summit 13 - Uplift 14 - Waves 15 - Timba Email me: bookspencerx@gmail.com Follow me! Instagram: @iamspencerx Twitter: @iamspencerx Snapchat: spencerbeatbox Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spencerbeatbox Filmed By: David Kaydash @davidkaydash

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