Professor Thurman in this episode is joined by long time friend and colleague Nina Rao for an extended conversation on the role of environmental responsibility in spirituality and the need to preserve the endangered populations of wild tigers in India. Opening with a short history of wilderness preservation and national parks in the princely states of India, Robert Thurman and Nina Rao examine the primacy of nature throughout history and share personal stories about their work raising awareness about the reality of the climate crisis and the catastrophic ecological impact of self-centered thinking, materialism, consumerism and oligarchies. Podcast includes in-depth explorations of the symbolism of key Buddhist, Hindu and Christian deities connected to mother Episode includes discussions of : the power of positive thinking and imaginative visioning in problem solving, the role of modern Indigenous communities in wildlife preservation, the need for science driven conservation in activism and grassroots efforts, and a call to action for creative solutions and sustainable “bright money” funding for on-going efforts to save our changing environment. To learn more about and to join the on-going efforts to save Wild Tigers, please visit: This video is a apart of the Tibet House US Digital Archives & is brought to you by the generosity of it's membership community. To watch more videos please visit: Full Access begins at $2 a month. Connect with Tibet House US + Menla Online: 🗽 Tibet House US | New York City THUS Website: THUS on Twitter: THUS on Facebook: THUS on Instagram: 🏞 Menla Retreat | Phoenicia, New York Menla Website: Menla on Twitter: Menla on Facebook: Menla on Instagram: