Watch this Superhit Marathi Song 'Jaganyacha Paya Chalanache Bal (Vitthal Vitthal)' from the marathi movie 'Tukaram'. Song features Jeetendra Joshi. Song is sung beautifully by Dnyneshwar Meshram. Sure you will love it. Song Credits: Title: Jagnyacha Paya Chalanache Bal Movie: Tukaram 2012 Singer: Dnyneshwar Meshram Song Features: Jeetendra Joshi Video Director: Chandrakant Kulkarni Music Director: Ashok Patki, Avadhoot Gupte Language: Marathi Film Plot : "Tukaram" was born in 1608 in Dehu, a village near Pune in a family who were devoted followers of the deity Vitthal or Vithoba (a form of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver in the Hindu Trinity). The family belonged to the Kunbi caste and they were moneylenders and traders by profession. 'Tukaram' had a very normal childhood. He is fascinated with Lord Vitthal who he says is his dear friend. He is a very innocent and generous kid and is not touchy to park with his toys or personal belongings with his friends. As he grows up he takes up the family responsibility as his elder brother is not interested in the material world and is drawn completely towards spiritual pursuits. When his first wife 'Rakhma' is unable to bear a child, he bows to his family's wishes and marries 'Aavli'. We see that Tuka is trying to become a good son and husband. But the arrival of a major famine destroys this beautiful picture. He loses both his parents, his sister-in-law (brother's wife) dies and his elder brother 'Savji' abandons home. His first wife and son die too; during this hopeless atmosphere of a terrible three-year-long famine, 'Tukaram' realizes that the perennial treasure of God's grace is far more valuable than ephemeral worldly riches and he shifts his focus to divine worship. He does not choose to quit his responsibilities though and follow a solitary path. Instead, he feels it is more important to try and reduce the sorrows of the people around him. For him, being 'a good human being' is as vital as being a good son, friend or husband. "Tukaram" beautifully portrays the amazing metamorphosis of this Common Man into a Saint. Subscribe on below link for latest Marathi Songs & Movies Facebook : Twitter :

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