Follow me on Spotify! Check out my new video series where I go way more in depth into making drums for a song. This is for a cover of the music from The Guardian Legend from the NES. I've had a number of people ask me over the years how I record my drums. This is a quick look at my process. After lots of trial an error I've come to use a keyboard to get the midi notes down. I can make them infinitely more expressive than what I used to do, which was to click each note with the mouse. That took hours, and figuring out fills took a lot more math. My songs seemed to come alive as soon as I started using a keyboard. I was using my song "Demon Slayer" for this video. This song is available on all major music sites. iTunes: Google Play Music: Amazon Music: For more information on Steven Slate Drums, visit their website here. Buy SSD4 here: "Programming Realistic Drum Parts" article here: Where else to find me? Facebook: Twitter: @sonicclang

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