Find the full Shepherd's pie recipe here: Subscribe now for more delicious videos: Looking for a one dish meal? This savory pie combines juicy, tender ground beef with creamy, mashed potatoes and crunchy vegetables topped with brown gravy. Enjoy a hearty one-and-done meal that'll keep you warmed up all winter. Classic Shepherd's Pie Ingredients: - Ground beef - Instant mashed potatoes - McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix: - McCormick® Garlic Powder: - McCormick® Onion Powder: - McCormick® Ground Black Pepper: - McCormick® Parsley Flakes: - McCormick® One Beef Stir Fry & Vegetables Seasoning Mix: Download the Flavor Maker app for iOS and find a whole new world of flavor at your finger tips: Visit the McCormick Shop and stock up on your flavor favorites. Shop Now: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: --- Music Credits Song Name: Otter Pop Artist Name: Shawn Wasabi

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