Holiday hot chocolate bombs with a chai white chocolate bomb, a salted caramel hot chocolate bomb, and a green peppermint grinch hot chocolate bomb. We'll go over the basic technique with the chai bomb, and we'll cover how to use unique molds, such as the "joy" ornament silicone mold I have here. Also learn how to color your white chocolate for brightly colored bombs this season. **JOY MOLD UPDATE 11/19/20 ** I originally bought this mold from Michael's and local stores have been having trouble keeping them in stock. Check your local store, as it may have different inventory than others that I've been hearing about. I do have another ornament video if you'd like to check it out too: 🍫 My hot chocolate bomb calculator (calculate how much chocolate you'll need): 🌈 A complete list of tools you'll need for hot chocolate bombs: 🍭 MY BAKING SHOP IS OPEN! 🧁 I personally source and test all the molds and tools in my home kitchen. I list the best ones and ship them quickly to you from within the US. ✌🏼 SOCIALS -------------------------- Join me on Instagram! I run polls for cake flavors and give more behind the scenes about what crazy things go on when a scientist bakes all the time: 👉🏼 Okaaaay I'm on tiktok now, and you all really love hot chocolate bombs: 👉🏼 My Pinterest is a dessert *ONLY* account. If you love desserts and need ideas for upcoming parties and holidays, look no further: 👉🏼 In addition to recipes, I test all kinds of apps for bakers on my website. I have an app that converts pan sizes for cake recipes, plus lots more. 👉🏼 -------------------------- 🎵 MUSIC Sleepy Fish - Butterfly ------------------------- 🙋🏻♀️ ABOUT ADRIANA This channel combines my love of both baking and science. As a naturally curious person, I love to study, explore, and problem solve. I did that for many years in a biochemistry lab, and am applying that mindset to a lab we probably all have in our house... the kitchen! I've baked for my family for years, but am now just starting to document this journey and share it with all of you. You can read the full version of this story here: Happy baking, friends ♥️ ------------------------- This description may contain affiliate links. I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.




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