In this interactive video of Slap Or Get Slapped challenge you have to guess the rapper by his hair, test your knowledge about your favorite rappers by doin Slap Or Get Slapped, these quizzes will come with more questions and much more compactness between questions, you will have a total of 15 questions, no difficulty increased but still challenging, is better to play with friends.


lil baby

nle choppa

polo g

lil pump

lil yachty



quando rondo

travis scott

nba youngboy

whats on the star

guess the rapper

4 pictures 1 rapper

4 pictures

1 rapper

rapper quiz

new rapper quiz

guess what?

4 images 1 rapper

4 pics 1 rapper

guess the artist

guess the quiz


lua lua

guess the emoji

try not to rap

millionaire rapper quiz


icebox lil baby

lil baby dj khaled

faze jarvis

tommy craze

guess about rappers