full recipe: http://www.kimberlysglutenfreekitchen.com/2018/04/gluten-free-cheesecake.html My sister in law is the queen of cheesecakes. She makes the most amazing cheesecakes and I got this recipe from her. I just used gluten free graham cracker crumbs to make this and it turned out amazing! The gluten free graham cracker crumbs that I used were from the brand Kinnikinnick Foods. I found them at Sprouts and they are ready to use. I have found gluten free graham crackers in many different stores and you can always just make your own crumbs if you can't find the ready made ones. This cheesecake is really the perfect dessert for any occasion and really any fruit topping is great. You can play with it to see what flavor is your favorite. This really is so delicious and I don't think you will be hearing any complaints after one bite.

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