Patricia Ruiz, Speech Therapist and Director at Miami Speech Institute teach you 4 easy exercises to improve fluency for stuttering patients. Before we move onto the next thing, we want to do the breathing exercises in the morning and at night, I always recommend my patients to do two to three minutes in the morning before they get out of bed. ... If you need a visual because it's a little bit difficult at first, you could put a book on it and watch the book go up and down so you can actually have something to focus on so in case it becomes a little bit difficult. For example, let's say you want to see, “I like cookies,” so you would breathe in, “I like cookies,” you let a little bit of air out, and then you continue talking. If you talk on the exhale, you're stuttering with decreased significantly because you're going to have air going through your vocal cords, which is going to make them vibrate, so it's going to take away the feeling of being stuck. ... If you do the breathing in the morning, you talk on the exhale and then you do the breathing exercises at night that should definitely help your stuttering get to be less. Another tip that it gives some of my patients, it doesn't work for everybody is a little bit complicated, a little bit difficult, but it does help some people, it's called pacing. These are just a few little tiny tips and techniques that you could do at home to make your stuttering less so you can be more fluent and you can start to feel more fluent and feel better.


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