Do cell phone signal boosters really work? Absolutely, if you'd like to learn more click here. There is confusion about signal boosters stemming to nearly 20 years ago when scams sold "signal boosters" which were nothing more than metal stickers. These took your money but did nothing for your signal. A cell phone signal booster is a sophisticated piece of technology that boosts cellular signal going from the cell tower to your phone and from the phone back to the tower. And before a signal booster can even hit the shelves it must pass through a rigorous amount of testing. First we must send our boosters to a third party testing facility which runs a gauntlet of tests to ensure that it complies with the Network Protection Standard. From there we get a huge report back which we then send along with a sample of the booster to the Technical Certification Bureau. They double check the test results and if everything passes, submits the booster to the FCC for certification. If you're still unsure after all of that check out some reviews: Learn more about cell phone signal boosters and shop here:

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