Update12/4/13: This does not work for me anymore. However, this is the best way now to get free VPN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K0xp0CZSwo Note: Please disregard this video and the message below. You need to click the above youtube link for the new better way to get Free VPN. How to get Free VPN in less then 2 minutes (including download time) Im in China and as you may already know, we don't have access to sites like Youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. The only way around this is with a VPN. I have been paying for VPN service all this time until a week ago. I just so happened to search for VPN on my Ipad and the first one i installed worked perfectly. I only had to change the default server name cause if you live in China you must change it. So if my IPAD works, your iphone should work as well. Oh and your Android smart phone too. THUMBS UP ONLY IF THIS WORKED FOR YOU

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