I have nothing to say about this other than that it's pretty much a shitpost, and it can be loosely connected to the fantasy AU (nekey ;3 ). Really it's just a random in-character scenario that popped into my head. Ok I lied I'll say something about this. Characters: Socks (SocksAnimation's), Blue (Mine), Keta (Pawstep), Sketch (Sketch's) Story: Socks is in search of her wife for some lovin', Bloo is in the midst of kidnapping both le precious and le floof child. Murder ensues. MAP: https://youtu.be/8jaf1TQB2VQ?list=PLGB9KhiIp8NLZSLz-ObJg-QlzrFF_MHk4 Sendspace: https://youtu.be/8jaf1TQB2VQ?list=PLGB9KhiIp8NLZSLz-ObJg-QlzrFF_MHk4 Song: Fabulous (c) Pewdiepie/Roomie AlsoIapologise for how awful this is. My MAP parts are usually nothing great, but after the first few seconds of this one I made a conscious effort to make it look spoofy/cringe-y, so it's worse than usual ;3; Had fun though teehee.