Learn English for kids with Excavator Max (full episodes) cartoons on #KidsFirstTV! Spin the carousel with our excavator for kids and learn new words in English. Watch kids' educational cartoons and play games for kids! Max's Special Magic Roundabout shows us pictures of Airplanes, Bugs, Clothes and Fruit! Max the Excavator's Magic Roundabout : https://goo.gl/0SwpUd Max Surprise Eggs Playground : https://goo.gl/0SwpUd Learn Colors & Shapes - Learn to Draw Animals & Insects - Learn to Build Machines & Vehicles - Learn English - Learn to Count! https://goo.gl/0SwpUd https://goo.gl/0SwpUd https://goo.gl/0SwpUd https://goo.gl/0SwpUd https://goo.gl/0SwpUd Doc McWheelie is a Girl Mechanic who Repairs Vehicles in her own Garage! ➠ https://goo.gl/0SwpUd Big Construction for Kids (Build Trains, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Construction Cartoons! ➠ https://goo.gl/0SwpUd Car Clown ➠ https://goo.gl/0SwpUd If you like TuTiTu, BabyFirstTV, BabyTV cartoons, 3D animation and our Ploop Channel you will LOVE Car Clown! Learn to Draw with KidsFirstTV ➠ https://goo.gl/0SwpUd The best #carcartoons and videos for kids are on #KidsFirstTV! Build cars with #leothetruck, repair cars and trucks with #doctormcwheelie, play with #excavatormax and have fun with #omnom!

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