Evadra Rowdy Songs - Hai Rama Hairana Watch More Latest Movies @ https://www.youtube.com/user/GaneshVideosOfficial/videos?view_as=public Movie: Evadra Rowdy, Cast: Srihari, Sanghvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Director: Sarat, Music: Koti, Producer: P.Bhavani, Release Date(s): 10th Aug 2001. Songs: Entha Muddo Hai Rama Hairana Modati Rathri Majala Rathri  Plot: Dhanvi (Srihari) is a calm going government employee living in a colony. He is married to a beautiful wife (Sanghvi). His neighbor's name is Muddu Krishna (Posani Krishna Murali), who is harassed by the tenant Chalapati (Chalapati Rao) and his family. The crime in the city is managed and controlled by a mafia don Mohan Raj. Chalapati takes the protection of Mohan Raj and forces Muddu Krishna to transfer the ownership of the house to Chalapati at a cheap rate. When Muddu Krishna refuses to do so, Mohan Raj kidnapped his family members. The wife of Dhanvi is surprised by the cool attitude of Dhanvi to his surrounding as he refuses to help Muddu Krishna by fighting Mohan Raj. He only bothers about his family and ignores the welfare of society. You need to watch this film to know why the muscleman Dhanvi keeps calm for the anarchy happening around him.

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