Steve Holcombe (GBR - Beta) continued his domination in day 2 as well on Enduro GP Germany World Championship. With an impressive start, he won 8 tests in a row and left hardly anything to collect for the rest. Holcombe, being on top of his game, seemed confident on his bike and finished the weekend on top of both overall and E3 classes. Brad Freeman (GBR - Beta) had a reasonably conservative start and kept himself in the podium content. After midday, he pushed hard and increased his pace just enough to catch up Danny McCanney (GBR-TM). Freeman finished the weekend with P2, 43 seconds behind Holcombe. ✦✦✦ Results ✦✦✦ 1st Steve HOLCOMBE 2nd Daniel MCCANNEY 3rd Brad FREEMAN 4th Christophe NAMBOTIN 5th Alex Salvini Don't forget Subscribe, Comment and Like. ✦ Subscribe for MORE: ✦ Facebook: ✦ Instagram: ✦ Twitter: #dirtbike #endurogp #enduro



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