This is taking a lot of time - I know. I tried different approaches and finally found the one that I am satisfied with - more realistic and detailed, based on pixel-art textures. Of course there was nothing to re-use from the previous version, so I had to remake everything from scratch. Time to develop some characters, but for now - here's an overview of the Kitchen/ Living Room and Kris and Asriel's Room. These scenes are also available in VR or just 3d through Sketchfab: And Gamejolt: Original DELTARUNE: Check out my other videos: Undertale playlist: Oneshot playlist: Music used in this video: Beginning - Deltarune OST covered by Max Deacon VR. Arpeggiator - written by Max Deacon VR. Two Ice Creams and Lust - written by Max Deacon VR. #MAX_DEACON_VR #DELTARUNE_360_PROJECT


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