🖤 Light a black candle during this devotional. 📄 Print This Prayer: https://spells8.com/bast-devotional/ Daily Candle Rituals: https://spells8.com/bast-devotional/ Working with Goddess Bast we can invoke the strength and inspiration of powerful ancient Egyptian protection spells. This chant and prayer against witchcraft invokes Bast, the Goddess of cats and protection, and was inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by E.A. Wallis Budge. Incense and Offerings to Bastet: https://spells8.com/bast-devotional/ Bast is a Goddess in Egyptian mythology, also known as Bastet, whose mission was to protect the home. She symbolizes the joy of living as it is considered the deity of harmony and happiness, as represented in this Bast ritual. She was represented in the form of a domestic cat, or as a woman with the head of a cat, always carrying a sistrum (musical instrument) because she was especially pleased by humans dancing and playing music in her honor. The cult of Bast was so important that cats were raised in her temples to be her representation, and at the death of these, they were carefully mummified and buried in specific tombs for them. In her warrior aspect, she was a lioness with green skin and in this aspect she was associated with sunlight. She was a solar goddess until the identification of the Greeks with her lunar goddess Artemis. The modern worship of Bast is observed not only by Egyptians but by Wiccans, witches, and other Pagans all around the world. One simple way to cast a spell to Bast for protection or love is to make an offering and invoke her Powers, along with chanting this prayer. It could help you as a prayer against witchcraft attacks or simply to receive guidance and intuition before going to sleep.

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Prayer Against Witchcraft

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