As requested by many viewers that I should do a receive test. There you have it, clear result from the same test as last week but reversed the order. Baofeng UV-82, GT-3 and Wouxun KG-UV8D were left at home and all transmissions were sent on a Yaesu VX-7R on full 5 Watt of power. The antenna was Nagoya NA701 which I have put on the radio as soon as I realised how rubbish the stock on was. All conditions being equal I know which one has the best receive quality but lets get the vote started. I can't decided if it's GT-3 or UV-82. A little disappointed with the Wouxun. 3 times more expensive!!! BUT the other 2 don't have cross band repeat or colour screen or 1000 memory channels. Subscribe to Handy Radio for more videos!

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