Top professional athletes have to sacrifice a lot to be at the top of their game. They have to dedicate countless hours in training and when they are in the midst of a game, race, or fight, they have to sacrifice their body or go the extra mile to be victorious. It's why fans are attracted to sports, to see heroic acts and appreciate an athlete at the top of their game. But sometimes going the extra mile can prove to be costly for athletes. It can often lead to serious injuries and even death. In honor of these athletes who gave everything playing in the sports they loved, we’ve created a video that looks at athletes who died in front of their fans. #Racing #Athletes #Sports Dale Earnhardt Sr. | 0:00 Flo Hyman | 1:11 Fran Crippen | 2:26 Jose Flores | 3:18 Vladimir Smirnov | 4:05 Read Full Article:


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