10 True Scary Stories (Episode 85) Narrated By The Creepy Fox. Greetings fellow listeners, thanks for stopping by on another episode of the creepy fox podcast. I’m glad you could join me, since today, we feature another set of stories you’ve never heard before. Join me as I re-tell the experiences you shared with me. Heres a sneak peak of what I feature. Our first story comes to us from a subscriber who lives in Alaska. Titled, “Be Careful Who You Meet” we re-live the time she met someone on a dating app. After the guy she meets is appearing to be a little too attached, and asks her out on a date, our friend tells him she’s too busy with school work. She thinks she won’t hear from him anymore, but little does she know that one evening, while she’s home alone with her brother, he was going to come back for revenge. Find out what happens when the guy from the internet, finds her home, and manages to get in. Something tells me, he’s in for quite a surprise when he hears sirens in the distance. Then we stick with Alaska with another scary story shared to me from a friend, James. He had invited his girlfriend to go out to watch a movie. After they grab dinner, they then decide to head to a spot just outside the airport to watch the planes fly. This secret spot of sorts is located on the outskirts of the city, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. What the two don’t realize, is that they would soon be joined by a couple of guys who aren’t up to any good. Find out what happens, when all of a sudden they are being chased down some icy roads by these strangers. Then, is it the holiday season already? We join our friends Charles and Zoey on their holiday adventure in 2010. In this scary story, Charles was visiting Zoey from Nevada. When Zoey picks Charles up at the airport, they decide to head to this well known gas station to pick up some hot chocolate. What they don’t know, is that just outside the gas station, is a man, who is looking to take all the money inside the cash register. Find out how some quick thinking by the cashier, and Charles, get the three out of a pretty scary hold up. So thats just a sneak peak of todays video. As always, I invite you to stick around for the rest of the video, enjoy. Official Merchandise Now Available: https://teespring.com/stores/the-creepy-fox-merch?aid=marketplace If you would like to submit your own story for me to narrate then make sure to submit it at: TCFnarrations@gmail.com Footage for todays video was filmed thanks in part to my uncle Gary. You’ll see some of the footage he helped me get, when visit Denali. Then you’ll see some little scenes I filmed around my house. Just something to watch as you listen to the podcast. Artwork for todays video, was created together with my friend YeahmanTV. We drew up and imagined the first story featured today, with the home intruder running out of the house, only for officers to be waiting for him just outside on the front porch. Music Credits: Background music provided by the amazingly talented CO.AG Music. You can find the link to his channel here: https://teespring.com/stores/the-creepy-fox-merch?aid=marketplace *Important Notice* All stories featured on this channel are originally written and submitted specifically for this channel ONLY!! I have full permission to use everything thats featured in this video and can provide any proof and documentation if needed. If this is the first time you’ve seen one of my videos or you are confused as to what you are watching, then let me introduce myself. I am the creepy fox, a story narrator who tells stories that are shared by friends and fans. Here’s a little bit about what goes into creating one of my videos. First I’ll research a certain topic or theme. Then friends and fans will share an experience. From there we work together to write out their experiences into script format. I’ll narrate the stories, edit everything together, using iMovie and Garageband. Then it’s time to post and ready for you lovely people to listen to. So why not join us and come along for the ride, because together, we bring your real spooky experiences to life.

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