★ Get the DJ controller used in this video (so you can follow along!) -Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 ► http://bit.ly/hercules-djcontrol-inpulse-200 How to DJ for complete beginners! In this video I explain everything needed to get someone with no prior DJ knowledge or experience off the ground and learn the basics of DJing. Follow along as we learn what DJing is, what equipment is needed, and ultimately the entire beat matching process. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to mix two songs together live, as if you were a DJ performing a live set in front of a crowd. Fun links and stuff related to me: ★ Join my Discord server ► http://bit.ly/hercules-djcontrol-inpulse-200 ★ InspirGram ► http://bit.ly/hercules-djcontrol-inpulse-200 ★ Tweeter ► http://bit.ly/hercules-djcontrol-inpulse-200 ★ Listen to some music I made ► http://bit.ly/hercules-djcontrol-inpulse-200 #DJ #HowToDJ #DJing


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