99 Players vs Final Zombie Boss in Among Us - Animation #6 Hi guys! Here we are at the end of the first season ! It was very cool! I was immersed in each of my processes, coming up with different ideas, plots. Definitely my skills have grown and next season will be even better! Thanks for the support ! Write your favorite moment in the comments and what happens next? Thanks for watching !!! Don't forget to click the 🔔Bell to join my Notification Squad! ► SUBSCRIBE to stay updated for more videos! https://bit.ly/364Radz ► Welcome back to the Among Us series! If you like this video, you can also participate. Send your clip or moment from the video and I will do a good editting. I assure you, you will like it!: there are no impostors here #amongus #animationamongus #1000impostors #newanimation #rangogames

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