Enjoy these 3 super instant Breakfast Recipes for weight Loss. Made with Amaranth also known as rajgira or ramdana and Quinoa these are very easy and delicious to taste. Both the ingredients are packed with good micro and macro nutrients. They are high on fibre and protein and also rich in vitamins and minerals. Prefect recipes to give a great kick start to your day. Ingredients:- Amaranth/ Rajgira 50g Quinoa 50g Add ons :- Milk Yoghurt Nuts and seeds Your choice of fruits Raisins/honey Vegetables like carrots or cucumber How to puff Amarnath and Quinoa :- Heat up a pan or kadai with a heavy base, once it is nicely warmed up, start roasting the rajgira in small batches of 1 tbsp at a time. Keep stirring, until they puff/pop up well. This will take few seconds ( make sure the pan is moderately hot but not at a very high temperature or very low). sieve roasted rajgira through a large sifter (if required)and keep the puffed rajgira in a large bowl to cool. Similarly Roast and puff Quinoa, however they won't puff to the same extent. Once both have cooled down completely store that in an airtight container. For making instant breakfast with puffed rajgira and Quinoa :- 1st breakfast:- Take 5-6 tbsp puffed rajgira in a serving bowl add 1/2 cup warm milk ...top with your favourite fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. Add natural sweetener like raisins or honey. Enjoy this whole breakfast 2nd Breakfast Take 4-5 tbsp puffed Quinoa in a serving bowl add the other ingredients mentioned above to make your own healthy breakfast bowl. 3rd breakfast:- Take 2-3 tbsp of both Quinoa and rajgira add 1/2 Cup milk or yogurt...add toppings and enjoy your high protein healthy breakfast for Weight Loss.

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