You won't believe these weird science facts. You can see these weird science facts in action everywhere (even in your house)! Here are 25 weird science facts you may not know. After you learn about these weird science facts, you are going to see the world around you differently. These weird science facts will even change the way you look at what you eat! See our full list of 25 weird science facts you may not know (and our photo credits and sources) and don’t forget to leave us a comment on the video to let us know which of these weird science facts you think is the weirdest: Like our video on weird science facts? Follow us on: Facebook - Instagram: Twitter - Pinterest: See more lists on our website: The science world is full of weird facts. For example, did you know that 10% of Europeans are immune to the HIV virus? Or how about the weird science fact that Luna moths have no mouth? In case this science fact makes you sad, your tears contain natural painkillers! Oh, and by the way, sunflowers are used to clean up nuclear waste. These are only four of the 25 weird science facts found on today’s video. Wait until you learn about the grass’ distress signal, the weight of clouds, the octopus’ many brains, the strongest creature on earth, and the dark secret of coffee. Get ready because the weird science facts on today’s video are going to blow your mind! If you enjoyed learning about weird science facts, you’ll enjoy these videos: 25 fun facts that are really fun to tell - 25 things that keep getting weirder the more you think about them - Music: "Noble Dub" by Silent Partner "True Love" by Silent Partner "Tuesday Dub" by Silent Partner






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25 WEIRD Science Facts You May Not Know

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